NETRONIC: The Gantt Solutions Company

Our Passion: Interactive Planning Charts. Our Focus: The Gantt Chart

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What we Do

NETRONIC Software GmbH, based in Aachen, Germany, is one of the leading providers of software for visualizing complex company, planning and production data with powerful interactive Gantt, network and tree structure charts. These visualizations help companies to make fast and sound decisions.

Our products support all current Micrososoft and Java development environments. Worldwide leading software suppliers have integrated our Gantt chart components into their ERP, PPS, SCM, and MES applications. At the same time, well-known end-customers use our visualization software for planning and controlling their resources and processes in production, disposition, logistics, and service and project management. In addition we provide users of Microsoft Dynamics NAV with more transparency and agility in planning in scheduling by interactive Gantt chart add-ins.

Our team of 20 employees operates on a worlwide market and makes more than half of the sales volume abroad.

How we Work

We are no ultra-modern start-up company. In a certain way, we are a company with experience and tradition, which not only makes us proud but we also believe our customers and partners will benefit from. We were founded in 1975 as independent company and were not financed by venture capital. Since then, we have been working on the visualization of planning and production data. While in the beginning we concentrated on network charts, it is the interactive Gantt chart that has been the heart of our business operations for 25 years now. Since we have a loyality rate of nearly 100 %, a great number of our developers have been developing interactive Gantt charts for decades already. This long-term and concentrated knowledge pays off: We don't develop toy components! Due to our experience we want our products to be leading in terms of contents, functionality and performance.

What is Important for Us?

Customer fulfillment: Everybody says that. But we act accordingly:

  • You won’t have to fill in anonymous forms. Every customer has a regular contact person with direct dial and email address..
  • Our product strategy is distinguished by persistence. Your investment protection is precious to us. We still keep developing our ActiveX editions that have been discontinued by other companies long since.
  • It's a short way from feature request to development plan. Try it!

Gantt chart competence: We keep thinking about the Gantt chart intensively. About views, applications, alternative display modes, new variations. We'd rather be proficient in one theme than have superficial knowledge about many.

Reliability, Confidence and Openness: There's no more to be said.