Visualization in the ERP System Microsoft Dynamics AX

Support Agile Planning by Visualizing the Company Data

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Microsoft Dynamics AX Uses VARCHART XGantt

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a powerful and comprehensive ERP solution mainly designed for the upper mid-size market and companies with international orientation. In order to support the users in their planning-relevant decisions, Microsoft Dynamics AX uses five modules to visualize data in form of interactive Gantt charts that are developed with the help of the VARCHART XGantt component from NETRONIC.

Customize Your Gantt Charts in AX

Gantt charts are powerful planning tools if they have been exactly matched with the planning demands. The ERP system Microsoft Dynamics AX provides simple, universal Gantt charts. Increase your our your customers' planning efficiency by customizing the existing overviews according to your individual demands. You only need a license of VARCHART XGantt to use the component's full range of functions. Create a precise diagram of the relevant planning data with only little programming effort. The interactive functionality lets the user react fast and flexible to modifications.

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Transparency Gained by Additional Gantt Charts

Add planning overviews to Microsoft Dynamics AX. Both our VARCHART XGantt .NET and our ActiveX component provide the functionality to make planning-relevant data comprehensible at a glance and thus making them transparent. Develop user-friendly Gantt charts for time-relevant data in all branches and areas. Provide a visual tool for your planners that lets them control and check the planning process. We would be glad to support you in developing.

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