Fleet scheduling: Benefits of Interactive Gantt Charts

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The Aachen-based Inform controls and optimizes vehicle-fleets with interactive graphic planning boards that were developed with the VARCHART XGantt A...

Just-in-Time Delivery With Low Logistics Expenses

The transport sector is coming under increasing pressure. The customers want reliability, speed, and flexibility but on the other hand, costs have to be kept as low as possible. Efficient logistics and vehicle disposition are crucial success factors for the transport of goods (transport companies). These tasks are only manageable with the help of software-based vehicle dispositions. They use intelligent Gantt charts to create transparency in the disposition and facilitate quick access to the planning.

Schedule Vehicles With Overview

Graphical resource scheduling will collect all important tour and vehicle data each day, providing a clear overview of order and vehicle data. The dispatcher can recognize date conflicts immediately and move orders or schedule additional verhicles. If additional details such as driving time, idle times, disruption periods, loading and unloading times are being displayed, the planner can draw important conclusions concerning weaknesses and ineffcient processes and can  optimize the resource scheduling.

Vehicle Assignment in the Tour Planning

The vehicles have certain equipments and often certain constraints have to be factored into the planning. A truck with a chamber system is not allowed to transport smoked goods together with milk products. On a building site with a narrow access that is impassable for a big mixing vehicle, a  smaller concrete truck has to be used. Taking into account these characteristics is an additional challenge for the vehicle disposition. The dispatcher has an important planning tool at hand, helping him to optimize scheduling vehicles and ensuring the delivery dates.