Work Schedule Best Practices

Use Gantt Charts for Staff and Shift Scheduling

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Current Planning or Long-Term Survey of Requirements

Whether you have to organize unsteady staff requirements, plan the deployment of staff in shift work or have to forecast future requirements - a graphical overview of data ist the most suitable planning tool.

Interactive Scheduling of Staff Employment or Requirement

Employees, their capacities and availabilities as well as their professional qualification are basic elements of staff planning. Planning tables use shift plans and rotas to visualize this information and they provide an overview of the staff employment that is always up-to-date. In professional staff management, such a graphical overview is also used when it comes to long-term forecasts or diagnoses concerning the availability of employees for an expected future workload. Add interactive functionality to the overwies and develop powerful planning tools with the planning tables. If the planner can directly participate in the planning by drag&drop or by paste options he can carry out modifications easily and quickly and can control the optimal employment of staff. Our graphic components VARCHART XGantt (for use with Microsoft technology) and VARCHART JGantt (for use with Java technology) come with all functions needed to develop individual Gantt charts for any staff scheduling with little programming effort.

Transparency by Using Organigrams

Tree structures (organigrams) help to visualize employees' roles and functions within a company for everybody thus making the planning and communication of reorganizations or strategic restructuring measures easier. Use our component VARCHART XTree for graphical tree structures to quickly and easily develop clear organigrams and other hierarchical structures from your staff data.