Tree Structures Illustrate Hierarchies

Clear-Cut Overviews of Products, Projects and Organizations

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We develop components that you can integrate easily in your application. As a result you receive individual, interactive and versatile tree-structure diagrams, that enable you to make your client´s data clearly arranged and easy to use.


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Clear Overview of Complex Contexts

You want to realize the structure of a project, a product or a company at first glance? In this case, the visualization technique of a graphical tree offers itself as method of choice. Especially when it comes to displaying complex facts, breaking down into singular hierarchy levvels and visualizing them will help making sure that no part (project) has been forgotten. Visualize these sub-projects by Tree Structure charts that help to focus clearly on connections and dependencies of data and facts.

Communicate by Trees

An organigram provides a clear overview of responsibility and task assignments in a company or an institution. In a workbreakdown structure everyone involved in a project can see the assignment of task packages.

Arrange Products Hierarchichally

A parts lists shows at a glance all parts needed to manufacture a product . At the same time, a hierarchical overview of all of a product's components make sure that no item  will be forgotten.

Graphical Components for Tree Structures

For more than 20 years, NETRONIC has been specializing in the development of powerful Tree structure chart components. Integrate VARCHART XTree in your application and create complex, individual, interactive Tree charts with minimal development effort. They offer plenty of unique functions for optimizing the planning and contoling options of your tree chart. You could, for instance, add, move or color subtrees.