Gantt Chart Controls for Software Developers
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Industry-proof Gantt controls for HTML5/ JavaScript, .NET, ActiveX and Java developers.

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Visual Scheduling add-ins and extensions for Dynamics NAV and 365 Business Central

Comprehensive suite of fully integrated add-ins and extensions for visual scheduling.

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Manufacturing Scheduling and Execution for End Users
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Wide range from ready-to-use software for SMB manufacturing to custom MES product for strip material producers.

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Proven development tools for more than 30 years

We have been offering powerful Gantt controls for more than 30 years. These controls provide software developers with interactive Gantt diagrams for .NET, Java, and ActiveX.

In addition to this we use our jQuery UI Gantt widget to quickly and effectively create individual Gantt charts for developers that they can easily integrate in their own web-based application.

Our tools have been integrated into many renowned ERP software solutions. Likewise, many developers of leading domain specific scheduling systems rely on our controls. Our technology is used to visualize production schedules, project plans, field service plans, resource schedules and logistics plans.

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Visual Scheduling for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and 365 Business Central

Sold by almost 200 NAV partners worldwide

We develop Gantt add-ins and extensions specifically for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and 365 BC. With our Visual Scheduling Suite, we address partners of Microsoft Dynamics NAV & 365 BC to offer additional visual planning and scheduling capability to their customers. The suite consists of dedicated add-ins and exensions for production scheduling, jobs & resources scheduling, service scheduling (currently only available for NAV) and a complete overview of the usage and availability of your resources (for D365 BC). Moreover, we offer an app for easy production scheduling in Dynamics Business Essentials and a Visual Scheduling add-in developer toolbox.

Since our products always base on the according Microsoft Dynamics standard they are intuitive to use and easily and rapidly to implement thus providing consistent user experience.

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For NAV For 365 Business Central

Manufacturing Scheduling and Execution for End Users

Both ready-to-use application and custom solution

Our cloud-based standard software just plan it helps jobs shops and small make-to-order companies with an easy time and resource scheduling. It empowers small SMB manufacturers to improve their delivery time commitments and hence helps to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. It combines state-of-the-art scheduling techniques with an advanced visual schedule allowing agile actions in case of unplanned incidents. 

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We are no "one hit wonder".

We were founded in 1975, and have been building Gantt software starting in the 80's. We know what we do, and are passionate about it. Most likely, we belong to the most experienced Gantt chart software teams in the world.

We are laser-focused.

We resist the temptation of diversification. When we look for growth ideas, we ask ourselves what we can build on our core competence: interactive Gantt charts. We rather take the deep dive than trying to cover everything. 

We believe support is fun.

We understand that our software is used by humans, not by machines. Our ambition is to enable our customers to achieve operational agility with Gantt charts. And we really love providing support to help our customers get there.

Our customers are very loyal.

Customer loyalty is one of, if not the most honest metric that we can think of. Our customers are loyal, and reward our work with a loyalty rate well over 90%. With some of them, we have been working the past 30 years.

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